Gloves for Photographers – Freehands Gloves Product Review

Photography Gloves - Freehands Fleece Product ReviewBeen looking for a good pair of gloves to use while out in the cold chasing a good photograph?  I have….and I think I found them!

I’ve been looking for some for a while.  I have a good pair of fleece gloves that work OK but I always ended up taking them off one hand to be able to push the shutter or make some adjustments to the camera/lens.

A few weeks ago, I ran across Freehands Gloves and knew I’d found the answer to be glove problem.  Freehands has solved the problem that most photographers have with gloves…they’ve cut wholes in the forefinger and thumb to allow you to keep the gloves on while keep both digits free to make adjustments on your camera.

As you can see from the image, when covered, the glove looks and feels like a regular glove…but but quickly pulling the tips of the finger and thumb back, you’ve got access to the controls of your camera while keep the rest of your hand warm.

A nice addition is the inclusion of magnetic strips in each flap and on the finger/thumb to hold that flap back…this is a great idea as it keeps the flap from getting in your way while trying to use your camera.

When I was looking for these gloves, I ran across the Aquatech Sensory Glove over on Outdoor Photo Gear and almost purchased that one…till I found Freehands.  While the Aquatech gloves looked to be the ideal setup and were well reviewed by Theodore Stark on Outdoor Photo Gear’s Blog, they are also twice as expensive as the Freehands Gloves.  I paid $18 for the XL Fleece Glove directly from Freehands website and the Aquatech Senroy Glove was $49.95 on Outdoor Photo Gear.

Now….the Aquatech glove looks a bit more protective than the Fleece glove I bought, but Freehands has a similar glove to the Aquatech for $23 (but were sold out of XL when I was shopping).

I think the Freehands Gloves are going to work fine for me.  The are well made and aren’t too expensive.  If you’re looking for a pair of gloves to use while out shooting, these just might be perfect for you.

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