Induro BHL3 Review & Comparison with Really Right Stuff (RRS) BH-55

I picked up an Induro BHL-3 Ballhead this past week for a new tripod.   While looking at buying this ballhead, I looked for some reviews…and found very few independent reviews.

So…I put a video review together of the BHL3 ballhead. In addition, I compare it to my Really Right Stuff (RRS) BH-55.

So far, I highly recommend the Induro BHL3 ballhead…watch the video below for more details.

The Induro BHL3 ballhead is available from most photography vendors.  I purchased mine from Amazon for $311 but it can also be found at B&H and Adorama.


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  • T.J. Powell

    Thanks for the review. I am considering both of these heads that you looked at. Question, how do the RRS camera plates fit on the BHL3? Using the Induro Plate on the BHL there is a safety that the plate will not come out, does that work with RRS Plates? Please reply to my via email as I do not see a subscribe button for comments.

    • Eric D. Brown

      Hi T.J. –

      I use RRS plates on everything and they fit perfectly in the BHL3. Also, the RRS plates have safety pins on them as well to keep them from moving out clamp. I dropped you an email with this info.

  • Randy

    Hi Eric,
    I have looked into the BHL3 as well as the BHD3. The latter seems to be $100 less . I’m wondering if would also be a good alternative to the BH-55. Any thoughts?

    • Eric D. Brown

      The BHD3 is a great ballhead. I wouldn’t call it a replacement of the BH55 only because its a much taller ballhead and is designed differently than the BHL3 / BH-55.

      That said, its a great ballhead…I know many people that use it and love it.

      • Randy Oleson

        OK, I see what you are saying.

        Trying to pick the perfect ballhead is like trying to pick the perfect camera bag …….impossible ;-)

        • Eric D. Brown

          you are absolutely correct :) at the end of the day, pick what works for you now…and then you’ll probably change your mind within a few days :) At least I do :)

  • Varun

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the review, this is the only one I found on the BHL-3. I am currently between the BHD-3 asnd the BHL-3 as well, I am wondering what your opinion on this head is after having had some time to play around. I am getting a new BHL-3 for $245 and the BHD-3 for $158 from B&H Student.

    • Eric D. Brown

      You are welcome. The BHL-3 is a good head. I’ve had it for a while now with no issues at all

      • Varun

        Thanks, I decided to go with the BHL-3.

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