Outdoor Photo Gear Reviews Canon 1200mm 5.6 L Lens

Canon 1200mmOutdoor Photo Gear reviewed the huge Canon EF 1200mm 5.6 L Supertelephoto Lens ($120,000 at B&H!)

I can’t embed the video here due to restrictions by Outdoor Photo Gear but you can watch it on Vimeo here or jump over to Outdoor Photo Gear for the original post.

The 1200mm lens is huge – 36lbs, 33″ long and 9″ wide at the front element!

B&H says of this lens:

For the record, the Canon 1200/5.6L USM contains 13 elements (including 2 Fluorite) in 10 groups, stops down to f32, and has a minimum focus of 45.9′. As for filtration, 48 mm drop-in filters can be inserted towards the aft section of the lens barrel. And before you start kvetching ‘it’s not an IS lens’ keep in mind this hefty pup demands the sturdiest tripod and pan/tilt head you can muster up. An EOS Mark III mounted on this thing looks like a rear lens cap with handle bars. Folks, we’re talking big hereā€¦ really big.

What a big lens…if you have $120K laying around, jump at this one. :)

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