Photography Links for April 25 2010

  • Simple Steps for Shooting Amazing Silhouettes | Phototuts+

    Quote: Silhouettes can be an excellent way to add drama to a scene. The stark contrast and lack of detail in the subject infuse a psychological effect into the image that can be beautiful, mysterious, or even frightening.

  • Break the Ice to Get Better Pictures of Your Subject | Black Star Rising

    Quote: how your subject feels while you are taking their picture is often the difference between a ho-hum image and a great one. That feeling, even if fleeting, is something that viewers experience when looking at the completed image. And it’s something you have the power to impact with small talk.

  • More on Branding Your Photography Business- Going Pro 2010

    Quote: Building brand awareness is simply about noise – your noise – and it’s got to be consistent and loud enough to get through everything else out there.  You’re literally competing with every person, manufacturer, product and event that your target audience is also listening to!  The key word is “every” – think about that for just a second.

  • My Five Favorite Landscape Photography Tips by Scott Bourne on Photofocus

    Scott Bourne provides five tips for landscape photography

  • The BeetleCam Project on Digital Photography School

    Quote: As wildlife photographers, we are continually trying to take unusual and original photographs of our subjects. In recent years this has meant going to ever increasing lengths as more and more photographers continue to push the boundaries with fantastic photographs.

  • The Polarizing Filter – Not Just for Pretty Skies

    Quote: Most folks only turn to their polarizing filters for one of two reasons; to eliminate reflections, or to make blue skies appear darker.  A polarizing filter will definitely help you accomplish those but if that’s the only time you use one, you are really missing out on the benefits of this little piece of glass

  • Got a New Camera? Don’t Forget These 5 Essential Next Steps | Light Stalking

    Quote: You’ve just bought a new camera and couldn’t be happier to start using it, but there are a few things you need to do before you actually start taking photographs to ensure your camera is operating correctly, protected and enjoyable to use.  Skip them and you could be in for a world of heartache!

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