Photography Links for August 22 2010

  • Seven Tips for Winning Photo Contests « Photofocus

    If you want to win any competition, ya’ gotta know the rules and make sure to follow them. If you don’t, an entry that stood a good chance of winning can easily get tossed out. Start by making sure your entry is properly classified. If you want to enter an equestrian picture, it won’t fit the auto category just because it has one horsepower. Be sure to follow the technical specifications for file upload size or print sizes too. Read the rules and read them again, this time looking at the fine print.

  • 100 Helpful Photography Tutorials for Beginners and Professionals

    Photography as both a profession and a hobby is an incredibly expansive topic that covers a remarkably vast range of subjects from science and art. No matter where you lie on the professional spectrum, there is simply always more to learn. We spent countless hours scouring the web for the best content we could find and share with you, and today we’ll help you expand your knowledge with 100 photography related tutorials!

  • Do you tend to under or over expose your photos? | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips

    Quote: Bruce basically writes that our cameras capture a lot of information in the highlights. Way more than we think. He points out that it’s typically best to try to capture as much of the highlight information as possible without actually blowing out the highlights. Why? Because programs like Lightroom and Camera Raw are so good at bringing back highlight detail, while trying to bring back detail in the shadows and dark areas can often have negative effects on your photos (there’s lots of noise in the shadows).

  • Landscape Photography For the Serious Amateur | Light Stalking

    Quote: I’ve been into landscape photography for a couple of years now. It’s a fantastic hobby and hugely rewarding, but also has a bit of a learning curve. While I would not consider myself anywhere near a pro at this stage, I’ve picked up on a few useful things here and there. Below are some tips which I hope others who are just starting out in the world of landscape photography will find useful.

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