Photography Links for May 9 2010

  • Survival Strategies for Photographers: Using Facebook | Black Star Rising

    In this post in my video series on survival strategies for photographers, I offer a few tips for using Facebook as a low-cost marketing tool for your photography business.

  • How to Clean Your Digital SLR Camera and Lens – PictureCorrect

    Quote: It is very important to maintain your digital SLR camera which involves cleaning it along with its related components. This article will assist you and provide some information on how to carefully clean the most important items. The cleaning process may sound simple but you really have to be careful. A clean camera is a happy camera. You’ll take better photos with a clean camera so plan to clean it regularly.

  • Tapping Into Your Creativity « Photofocus

    Creativity is a way of thinking and a way of life. It requires loads of passion, motivation and dedication. Looking at something in a way that reflects your thoughts, ideas, and views is the start. The ability to express what you see and what you think takes patience and constant practice.  Above all it’s using your imagination without bounds and having fun while doing it.

  • So You Want to Get Published?-Going Pro 2010

    Quote: There’s no singular secret to getting published. It’s a combination of networking, quality, timing and patience.

  • How Hard Are You Working On Your Next Photo Project? « Photofocus

    Quote: It’s fun being a photographer. But it’s also hard if you do it well.

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